Dancer Jem Clancy on stage. Jem is sat with her legs crossed and both arms outstreched pointing upwards.

Jem's Blog

4th June 2020
Three dancers standing in parallel position with their arms raised above their heads and the hands interlocking.

Improving Alignment – tips and ideas to try with your dancers

11th May 2020
In the background, four dancers walk in the studio, in the foreground a close up of a foot just leaving the floor.


25th March 2020
Mixable Fesitval banner header with dates: 25-26-27 June

SAVE the DATE 25-26-27 June 2020 - Mixable festival

10th March 2020
A large groups on dancers on all fours, crawling on the floor.

Locomotion and Elevation.

25th February 2020
A group of dancers holding suitcases leaning sideways away from each other in a line. Behind them there is a back drop whihc reads 'Expressions. A celebration of inclusive dance'

Save the Date – Tuesday 7 July 2020

11th February 2020
A dancer standing in parallel, one arm stretched to the side and the torso leaning in the same direction.


16th December 2019

Interview: Adriaan Luteijn

25th November 2019
Group of dancers posing for a photo with arms outstretched and smiling

Starting new block and residency in Madrid!

11th November 2019
Three dancers, two are holding each other standing side by side, the third is gesturing in front of the other two

Mia Misura

27th August 2019